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Slide switches / Item code : KLS7-SS35-22G08

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1000 Piece/Pieces None
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Electrical Life:
10,000 Cycles
Max. Current:
3A / 250V AC
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KLS Electronic Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
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Item specifics

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
  • Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles
  • Max. Current: 3A
  • Rating: 3A / 250V AC
  • Port: NINGBO
  • Max. Voltage: 250V AC
  • Model Number: KLS7-SS35-22G08
  • Circuit: 2P2T
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
  • Brand Name: KLS
  • Mechanical Life: 10000
  • Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month None


LSU Series Slide Switches PC Board or Solder Terminal Options
RoHS and Lead free complicant
Customizable actuator height

Rating: 3A 250VAC
Temperature: -30C° to 105C°
Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles
Contact Resistance: 30mΩ Max.
Insulation Resistance: 500MΩ Min. at 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: 500VAC for 1 Minute
Body: Nickel Plated Steel
Actuator: Polyoxymethylene
Base: Phenolic Board
Contacts: Silver Plated Copper
Terminals: Silver Plated Brass
KLS's Item code CircuitActuatorRating
KLS7-SS01-12E13 1P2TVertical3A    250V AC
KLS7-SS01-12E10Straight3A    250V AC
KLS7-SS01-12E09Vertical3A    250V AC
KLS7-SS02-12F20 Straight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS02-12F16 Straight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS02-12F55 Straight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS03-12D01 Straight0.3A  50V DC
KLS7-SS03-12D02 Straight0.3A  50V DC
KLS7-SS04-12F23 Vertical0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS05-12G13 Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS06-12F41 Straight0.5A   50V  DC
KLS7-SS07-12F02 Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SK01-12D02 Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK02-12E12 Vertical0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS08-13D01 1P3TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS09-13F06 Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS10-13F24Vertical0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SK03-13D01 Vertical0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SK03-14D10 1P4TVertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK04-14D02 Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS11-16F031P6TStraight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS31-22D032P2TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS32-22F03Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS33-22F06Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS34-22G26Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS35-22G08Straight3A      250V AC
KLS7-SS36-22H05Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS37-22H06Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS38-22J29Straight1.5A   250V AC
KLS7-SS39-22N03Straight6A      250V AC
KLS7-SK30-22D13 Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK31-22F02Vertical0.5A    50V DC
KLS7-SK32-22F14Vertical0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SK33-22H07Vertical0.3A    50V DC
LS7-SK34-22H33 Vertical0.3A    50V DC
KLS7-SS40-23D012P3TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS41-23D06 Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS42-23D28 Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS43-23E05Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS44-23E30Straight1.5A  250V AC
KLS7-SS45-23F35Straight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS46-23H02Straight1A     125V AC
KLS7-SS47-23L03Straight6A      250V AC
KLS7-SK35-23D07Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS60-24D02 (2P4T)2P4TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS61-24E01 (2P4T)Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS62-24H03 (2P4T)Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS63-24N01 (2P4T)Straight6A      250V AC
KLS7-SK36-24D02 (2P4T)Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK37-24F01 (2P4T)Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS64-25F02 (2P5T)2P5TStraight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS65-26D02 (2P6T)2P6TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS70-32H01 (3P2T)3P2TStraight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS71-42D02 (4P2T)4P2TStraight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS72-42H03 (4P2T)Straight0.5A   50V DC
KLS7-SS73-42H08 (4P2T)Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS73-42H11 (4P2T)Straight0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK37-42D01 (4P2T)Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SK50-42H03 (4P2T)Vertical0.3A   50V DC
KLS7-SS74-44D04 (4P4T)4P4TStraight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS75-48D01 (4P8T)4P8TStraight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS76-62H01 (6P2T)6P2TStraight0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SK51-62H01 (6P2T)Vertical0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SK52-64D01 (6P4T)6P4TVertical0.5A  50V DC
KLS7-SS77-83D01 (8P3T)8P3TStraight0.5A  50V DC
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